[wp-hackers] Working with Wordpress-Android Code

Amandeep Singh aman.adsm at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 12:44:34 UTC 2014

hello !

As I declared earlier that I'm interested in the idea View comments by post
in wordpress for Android and shared an idea of my own also(Sorting Feature
in Posts [1]). So I would like to get some suggestions on how to proceed
with Android git code. Which IDE would be the best to use (I''ve already
built the source code in Android studio successfully btw.) ?
I'm trying to understand the code these days and would appreciate any
further help. I tried to track the developers/mentors on IRC
(#wordpress-mobile) also but found none, may be

[1]  feature : Sorting in posts menu. The user can sort posts on the basis
of published posts, drafts and scheduled posts or by date/tags. It can be
implemented in the action bar menu by adding a new drop down menu group
with a filter like icon. The sorting/filtering algorithm can then be used
in the list adapter. Tags can be matched from the mt_keywords column and
post_status column can be used to filter on the basis of
drafts/scheduled/published posts.

Amandeep Singh Mundra

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