[wp-hackers] GSoC 2014: JavaScript Unit Test Coverage

Paul Vincent Beigang pbeigang at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 16:14:12 UTC 2014

Hei guys, 

I am interested in the „JavaScript Unit Test Coverage“ proposal added by Aaron Jorbin. I am quite unsure if he is active here on the mailing list since I never saw him posting here, anyway: My rough idea how to make this a success are the following three steps I would like to follow.

1. Identify: 
What are the most important parts of WordPress powered by JavaScript? Which WP JS parts were error prone in the past? … So the general idea is to spend time and effort to find the right parts which should be covered by JS unit tests at first.

2. Cover:
Write the actual unit tests for the in 1. identified parts.
Eventually: Refactor established JS which „is not testable at the moment“. (As mentioned by jorbin in the proposal)
I really like to have some hard numbers here, think of test coverage percentage.

3. Educate:
Build the foundation (docs, how to´s) so that more people can join the JS Unit Test force in the future.

I am thankful for feedback on this plan, especially concerning 1.: What would you say is the ultimate functionality to cover with JS unit tests?

Best Regards, 

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