[wp-hackers] Introducing myself to WordPress community

Varun Agrawal varun at varunagw.com
Sun Mar 2 14:56:35 UTC 2014


My name is Varun Agrawal and I am an under graduate student. I have a
good experience in PHP with some experience in jQuery. I am interested
in joining WordPress as a GSoC intern and also looking forward to
become a WordPress core contributor after the summer. I have checked
through Ideas page and I specifically interested in two ideas:

A) SupportPress as a Plugin
B) Forms Plugin

I am currently trying to understand these ideas and their
implementation. I have already submitted few patch to core. I am
wondering if developing a WordPress plugin is required as part of
application or it is optional?

Varun Agrawal
IRC: VarunAgw

P.S. I have attached link of the patch created by me. Out of which 2
are under review from 3 weeks. If possible please have a look at them.


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