[wp-hackers] GSoC Idea: WordPress Backup and Migration

Varun Agrawal varun at varunagw.com
Tue Feb 11 11:33:09 UTC 2014

*I know its quite early for presenting and idea, but I am really excited
about WordPress for GSoC 2014. So, here is my idea:*

Current Problem:

   - There are a large base of user who use WordPress for their
   personal/small sites. In most of these cases, they are the only
   administrator and generally have no knowledge about making backups, using
   plugins,...Even a lot of experienced WordPress users make mistake of
   ignoring backups

   - There are lot of cases when the WordPress installation get corrupted
   due to a numerous issues. Because of this, WordPress installation including
   databases get corrupted which cause a big trouble to a lot of peoples those
   don't have backups.

My Idea:

   - There should be *core functionality* that will allows them to make
   backups. Before starting an upgrade, users will asked to create a backups
   and download them.

   - It will also have an inbuilt feature that will check if user is
   restoring a backup on the same directory of same site or not. If website
   URL is different or maybe directory is different, it will automatically
   update the URL's and path's after getting a confirmation from user.

Its functionality:
It will have two functionalities: Backup and Restore

   - *Backup:* There will a form that will ask confirmation from user to
   create a backup. Once confirmed, it will export the database and zip
   database along with all files in an compressed archive and save it in a
   directory chosen by user. It will also prompt user to download the archive.

   - *Restore:* It will be a small wizard that can be loaded after
   extracting a backup on the server and visiting it through the browser. It
   will first check if it is loaded on same URL from which site is backed and
   also if the database exist. If they are different, it will ask for a new
   database setting, restore database settings and finally correct the links
   if site is on a different URL.


   - It will encourage users to create backup before upgrading WordPress.

   - Corrupted WordPress installation and hacked sites can also be easily
   restored by users.

   - Since it will be a core functionality, a lot of people who are not
   aware of making backup and making will start creating backups.

   - Creating backups will not require much technical knowledge so the
   process will be smooth for even beginner users.

   - Lastly, it will helpful to people who are planning to change their
   domain names, web host or the developers who generally keep develop on
   their PC and later upload it to the hosting service.

If you have any question or feedback, please let me know.

Varun Agrawal
Skype: VarunAgw

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