[wp-hackers] When shady people resell your work...

Dino Termini dino at duechiacchiere.it
Wed Apr 9 20:33:17 UTC 2014

Thank you all for your messages. We're looking into all the options 
mentioned on the list. We'll probably also display a message within the 
plugin's admin screens to explain what is happening, so that users can 
go get their refund from those guys ;)


On 4/9/14, 8:39 AM, Ryan McCue wrote:
> Dino Termini wrote:
>> While this is allowed by the GPL license, they re-branded it as Keyword
>> Swarm and removed all the references to the original author.
> If they remove attribution, they're in violation of the license, so
> their license is void.
> If this is the case, here's what I'd do:
> 1. Send them a DMCA request
> 2. If they don't respond, send their host a DMCA request directly
> 3. If *they* don't respond, send their registrar a DMCA request (they
> probably won't do anything, but might contact the host and tell them to
> respond)
> 4. If nothing has happened still, send Google/etc DMCA requests to get
> them removed from search results
> ----
> DMCA is the most powerful tool you have, but it only applies if they've
> removed attribution. If they add attribution, unless there are other
> license violations, you can't use the DMCA.
> Also note: If your premium add-ons contain copyrighted resources (not
> PHP, since that's covered by the GPL; images or CSS aren't automatically
> though), you can also use that.

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