[wp-hackers] wp 3.7

Luke Bryan lukebryan at sharefaith.com
Fri Oct 25 21:02:57 UTC 2013

Here are the steps to reproduce the problem:

Go to https://make.wordpress.org/core/wp-login.php, click on the icon by
the url and go to more information.

View cookies, remove all cookies.

Now when you log in it will first give you the message "*ERROR*: Cookies
are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable
cookies<http://www.google.com/cookies.html>to use WordPress."

Should happen in Firefox 24,25, but I tested in Chrome and it didn't give
the message. Maybe a bug in either Firefox or Chrome's cookie setup?



Hi Luke,

I couldn't replicate the issue on the make.wordpress site - I tried with
both normal and incognito views and I didn't get any messages about
cookies(just the normal login form).

About the search-relevance - as far as I read in the updated page(when the
update to 3.7 finishes and you see the big nice screen with all the good
stuff in 3.7) it is there and should be working.


On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 7:20 PM, Luke Bryan <lukebryan at
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>* Greetings all,*>**>* 3.7 is nice, but I was noticing an intermittent problem, happening even on*>* make.wordpress.org blog. (https://make.wordpress.org/core/wp-login.php)*>* The*>* first login attempt says you don't have cookies enabled - second login*>* works fine though. (I'm using Firefox).*>**>* I was also wondering what happened to the search-relevance functionality,*>* since it isn't mentioned here (http://wordpress.org/news/2013/10/basie/) -*>* was this feature dropped for 3.7?*>**>* Best regards,*>* Luke*>* _______________________________________________*>* wp-hackers mailing list*>* wp-hackers at lists.automattic.com <http://lists.automattic.com/mailman/listinfo/wp-hackers>*>* http://lists.automattic.com/mailman/listinfo/wp-hackers*>**

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