[wp-hackers] i love wordpress support for php functions, but this what happens with every upgrade of jquery...

Konrad Karpieszuk kkarpieszuk at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 13:05:23 UTC 2013

Looking at the jQuery documentation I don't  see what you mean. selected()
> still seems to be fine.

i am not talking about selected() but about this cosntruction:

$('#someDiv').tabs('selected', 1); // to select 2nd tab

which now is

$('#someDiv').tabs('active, 1);


$('#someDiv').tabs('option', 'fx', {...}); // to choose transition type
between tabs

which now is

$('#someDiv').tabs('option', 'show', {...});

they just changed names of option. i still dont understand why, what was
wrong with old names, and how bad was that, that now i have to just open
ftp connections to tens of my websites and change those two words. it looks
like some drunk man just did it for fun. and of course i can do this (it
will take a few hours to find every occurencies on every servers witb
wordpress) but i wonder what will be next.

few months ago jquery tabs lost support for option 'rotate', now this...

i really cannot in every half year write email for my customers (some of
them are really big fishes like city halls, music stars) and tell them:
"hey, remember when i told you that wordpress is so trustworthy and stable
platform for website, but you have to remember to upgrade wordpres core and
everything will be fine? i lied, it looks that again they changed something
that wordpress template, which i wrote for you will be broken after cms
upgrade. give me your ftp credentials and i will solve this, or stay with
older, security risk version" ;)

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