[wp-hackers] Is it possible to hook into the wp_http API?

Vid Luther vid at zippykid.com
Tue Oct 1 04:55:19 UTC 2013

 We seem to have an issue with our systems and SSL. And, I think I need to
sleep, so I'm asking a possibly silly question..

*The Problem*

The version of PHP we have, and the version of OpenSSL it's compiled with,
causes an issue with requests to some HTTPs servers. While I try and work
with the Ubuntu/Debian maintainers to fix this bug upstream.. or build our
own version of PHP which could take a few weeks to test..


I was wondering if it's possible for us to put in an mu-plugin that hooks
into the wp_http API. In a local test, we've already verified that if we
add a line to the request method of WP_Http, specifically the line saying

 curl_setopt($handle, CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 3);

Then the request works..

*The question*

Since this problem will probably be fixed on the distribution/PHP side when
the next LTS comes out, it doesn't make sense to send a patch against core
for this.

But, we need to let the customer make his request..so we need to tell the
WP HTTP api to use SSL v3 on purpose.

>From my understanding of Filters and Actions, a filter would be
inappropriate here.. but an action may work.. but I don't know/can't think
of what hook to attach this action to.

Any ideas?

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