[wp-hackers] A New API to Create the HTML Forms

نشوان دعقان nashwan.doaqan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 12:44:21 UTC 2013

On 25 June 2013 14:33, Leho Kraav <leho at kraav.com> wrote:

> Were you aware of https://github.com/jbrinley/wp-forms
> To me, it would make sense to collaborate on one strong project, rather
> than create more one-guy-efforts.

Yes, I know it :)

"WP Forms API" is not that kind of big, active, long-term project, In

1- The plugin focused on the thing that me and many others doesn't need,
for all my common cases, I just need a plugin to create and render the form
elements objects to HTML code. The form Validation, Processing are
something I will not add to my plugin.

2- Some of the plugin logic need to re-think about...
How to add/replace the element Types/Views/Decorators?
How the plugin define the Views,Decorators?

You can think of "Momtaz Nmwdhj" like a new "fork" for "WP Forms API"..
and absolutely I don't want to develop "Momtaz Nmwdhj" alone, the project
is open for every one want to make it better..

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