[wp-hackers] php 5.5.0 is out........

Paolo Tresso paolo.tresso at swergroup.com
Sat Jun 22 01:38:30 UTC 2013

Il giorno sab, 22/06/2013 alle 10.55 +1000, Daniel ha scritto: 
> I don't understand why people are still on php 5.2.

Travis CI won't even test for PHP 5.2! :-)

An impressive number of hosting providers does have really bad practices
about that, either because their server imaging system isn't so easy to
upgrade and deploy (this happen mainly with pre-cloud providers with
real machines) or because their hosting system requires server admins to
compile each time a fresh Apache + PHP stack (like CPanel).

Good thing is that the managed WP providers wave should help a bit on
this side, forcing other providers to get on pair.

Another great subset are personal and self-managed servers, many won't
upgrade until they switch to another server. Absurd but real.

I've seen on twitter that some WP core developers would like to push for
PHP 5.3 base support in the next major release, hope it's real, it's
about time :-)

Paolo Tresso
aka pixline
WordPress hacker


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