[wp-hackers] Restrict plugin load to certain pages?

David Anderson david at wordshell.net
Mon Jul 1 18:50:17 UTC 2013


>       http://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-plugins/

Jackson - thanks; that looks exactly like what I meant.

John - yes, you're right in your second post; it's someone else's badly 
coded plugin that I want to work around rather than re-writing someone 
else's code. But the tip to remember cron is useful. I'm confident that 
the plugin does nothing else on other pages (no widgets, etc.).

Does anyone with inside knowledge of committing to core have any comment 
on whether there'd be any interest in accepting a patch that:
a) loading plugins in a deterministic, easy-to-slot-in-to order 
(alphabetic is what springs to mind) rather than relying upon PHP's 
array ordering, as at present?
b) ran a filter before deciding to load each plugin, thus giving 
earlier-loading plugins an option to disable later loading ones? (And 
thus making it possible for a plugin with slug aaaa-disable-plugins to 
prevent any of the others)?
With such a patch, the plugin that Jackson links to wouldn't need 
special installation plugins to boot-strap itself via mu-plugins.

Many thanks,

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