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Fri Feb 15 19:14:02 UTC 2013

Hey Dino,

If it is a part of your plugin then delete doesn't make sense. Just an option to make it active or not. The word 'Child plugin' would be wrong for this.
A 'Child plugin' for me would be a separate plugin that needs the main plugin because it uses the hook the main plugin has. Like a random BuddyPress plugin that obviously need BuddyPress.
So I guess you should look into your plugin and see if there are places where it make sense to add an action or a filter.


Op 15 feb. 2013, om 20:05 heeft Dino Termini <dino at duechiacchiere.it> het volgende geschreven:

> Hello list,
> given that last time I had a philosophical question about my plugin, I got great feedback from the list, here I am, again :)
> As my plugin WP SlimStat grows bigger and bigger, users request new features, options and new ways to display their stats. So I thought that it would be nice to follow WordPress' lead, and avoid implementing all of them in core, and instead work on ways to extend its functionality: child plugins (or add-ons, if you like). In order to avoid overcrowding the main Plugins screen, I was thinking about recreating a separate page within my plugin's options, where users can manage their add-ons for SlimStat, just like they do with regular plugins (delete, install, deactivate, etc).
> I've seen other plugins out there using the concept of 'child plugins' (where they have the API/Library/Core functionality and then a bunch of plugins relying on it), so I believe this idea of separating the maintenance and keeping the main Plugins area clean and well organized, is compliant with the direction WordPress is taking with version 2.6.
> So my question is: would it make sense to recreate such a 'sub' management page. If yes, is there an easy way to do it (include wp-admin/plugins.php ?) without having to reinvent the wheel?
> Thank you,
> Dino.
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