[wp-hackers] Strange post repetition issue

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Sat Dec 7 18:10:04 UTC 2013

This is really a support question, you should ask over on WP.org support

But the first question is to find out whether the posts are actually dupes
(are in the database like that) or is it a code problem.

Use PHPmySQL or some similar database tool and see if the posts are
actually duplicated in the database.  If they are, then there is a problem
with posting.  You're entering it several times?  Posting multiple
versions?  I don't know.

If they aren't in the database multiple times, then it's a display problem
 That's likely code in your "loop".  Or it could be the database server
spewing up multiples of the same record.  In any case, that's more of a
PHP issue.  There, I'd start with a good PHP debugger and step through the
loop and see if you are, in fact getting multiples of the same record each
time through the loop.

>From there you can determine what's the problem.  I hope.

On 12/7/13 9:55 AM, "Bhuvnesh Joshi" <bhuvneshonline at gmail.com> wrote:

>This is my first mail to WP community :)
>I have been developing a website for a friend and I have encountered a
>strange issue.
>Their are many post which are repeating randomly on various page
> example
>http://scrollmore.com/category/fun/ (see fast and furious post)
>and second page
>it is repeating in the second page instead of showing next posts but their
>is random post repetition in various pages.
>Some single post repeat sometimes multiple posts repeats when we more to
>older pages.
>I am unable to find the issue behind this I have tried disabling all
>and even changing theme to default theme but it is still having the same
>repeation issue.
>I am certain that their is not error in theme because it used to work
>correctly but suddenly it stopped working.
>Can anybody guide me to direction where I can find solution to this or
>debug this issue.
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