[wp-hackers] Strange post repetition issue

Nikola Nikolov nikolov.tmw at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 18:09:29 UTC 2013

Well, I'd take a look at the $wp_query object. So in your template put some
code like this:

if ( isset( $_GET['testing'] ) {
    // Should already be available, but let's make sure it is
    global $wp_query;
    var_dump( $wp_query );
} ?>

And take a look at the source code of the page. Look for the query
parameters - see if something doesn't seem right in there. Usually on a
category archive you should only have the category(or category name - can't
remember precisely) and optionally the page parameters - everything else is
more than likely not coming from the WordPress core code.

On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 7:55 PM, Bhuvnesh Joshi <bhuvneshonline at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> This is my first mail to WP community :)
> I have been developing a website for a friend and I have encountered a
> strange issue.
> Their are many post which are repeating randomly on various page
>  example
> http://scrollmore.com/category/fun/ (see fast and furious post)
> and second page
> http://scrollmore.com/category/fun/page/2/
> it is repeating in the second page instead of showing next posts but their
> is random post repetition in various pages.
> Some single post repeat sometimes multiple posts repeats when we more to
> older pages.
> I am unable to find the issue behind this I have tried disabling all plugin
> and even changing theme to default theme but it is still having the same
> repeation issue.
> I am certain that their is not error in theme because it used to work
> correctly but suddenly it stopped working.
> Can anybody guide me to direction where I can find solution to this or
> debug this issue.
> Regards
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