[wp-hackers] Will automatic translation files updates overwrite user's modifications

Xavier Faraudo i Gener wordpress at web-warlocks.net
Wed Dec 4 11:36:02 UTC 2013

El 03/12/2013 20:25, Otto ha escrit:
> If the files are being stored in a place that WordPress is expecting to be
> able to update them, then yes. It's no different than changing core code or
> changing code in a plugin or theme directly.
> If you use customized files, then you should put them in custom locations
> with some form of custom code to cause the system to use them. Modifying
> files that can be updated by an auto-update process directly means your
> changes are not safe.

Wouldn't just something like:

add_filter( 'auto_update_translation', '__return_false' );

do the trick of avoiding auto-update on translations?

I mean, you do normally know when you're using custom translations, and 
adding this filter is trivial (it's custom code that looks easier than 
using custom loading code, and user-unfriendly custom locations).

Maybe the only issue is *when* should it be added, but so far it worked 
for me hooking it at init.



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