[wp-hackers] Creating / Inserting into Table named after WPUsername

Guus (IFS) guus at inspiration-for-success.com
Mon Aug 26 04:49:12 UTC 2013

I did not folllow the whole conversation, but I understand you want to 
create a table per user? I don't think that's a good idea, but you could 
make an additional table and make the user id the index and store then 
something like user id, meta key, meta value, start date, end date.

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>> The only reason I am doing it this way is because I want to have a
>> historical record - Meaning show the whole table, including all rows, 
>> which
>> will be dated and include several rows.  wp_usermeta only allows for one
>> value per key and updating it results in the loss of the previous entry.
>> That wont work for me.
> I just wanted to add another comment on this. You *can* have multiple 
> values for the same key in the usermeta table. There can be multiple rows 
> with the same meta_key, and different meta_values. I just wanted to 
> clarify that. So if you wanted to you could store all of your values in 
> the usermeta table with duplicate keys, and add a date as part of the 
> value for each record (as part of an array, for example). But it still 
> sounds to me that in your case, a separate table with a date column would 
> be better.
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