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Sun Aug 4 20:48:58 UTC 2013

I strongly recommed you to consider FirmaSite <http://theme.firmasite.com/> as
your parent theme. You can customize it with Child
Basically its using *ONLY* Bootstrap for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress.
And those plugin's css files are removed! only bootstrap!
That means you can add new bootstrap styles to system with child-themes and
your all WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress will use your new bootstrap
style. Do you need dark theme? no problem. Still same rules.

Here is 2 example child-theme:
http://shop.theme.firmasite.com/  (Didnt release yet. Will be my first
premium theme. WooCommerce support and BuddyPress + WooCommerce
integration! )

Basically, its good codes theme and its best for Bootstrap + WordPress.
There is no any other theme that only using bootstrap components and
disables BuddyPress, bbPress ad woocommerce custom css.

On Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 11:21 PM, Haluk Karamete <halukkaramete at gmail.com>wrote:

> For establishing a solid foundation in the on-going business of creating
> professional WordPress themes, what would be the best approach so that the
> themes you produce are "powered by" _s and the twitter bootstrap?
> It seems like there are some cross overs between the two; and that confuses
> me.
> The fact that they both are from different developers and they tend to work
> in their own isolated islands, I have a hard time integrating them in a
> future proof way. Even though _s is a bare bone theme and the amount of
> "undoing" to get you start is down to minimum, there is still work
> involved, there is still some undo's to go thru. Responsiveness and the
> layout system, class names etc..
> So far I am seeing the matter this way;
> I download and use the "_s" because working with "_s" would give me the
> proper head-start in building my solid theme. By that, I will be able to
> effortlessly start off with a theme which shines as far as all the WP best
> practices out there and the PHP side of things. Let's simplify this point
> and call that the reason I download "_s" is because I want to  take care of
> the server side part of my theme.
> and then I download the twitter bootstrap.
> I do this because working with bootstrap would give me the "talk of the
> town" the client side of things..  bootsrap catching the world on fire..
> more and more people are adopting just like the android...  their
> responsiveness and the easy to work with grid system (which makes more and
> more people being familiar with ) is I THINK where _s will be "UN-DONE". So
> to simplify, let's say, the reason I download "bootstrap" is because I want
> to  take care of the client side part of my theme.
> and then comes the 3rd moving part...  I have to add my own touch ( my
> bells and my whistles ) to the above two. I do this because I want to make
> my theme, well simply different, I want it to be noticeable in market
> places and so on..
> When you have 3 moving parts like this ( and they all have their own
> respective areas of wall of fame ) and the latter overwrites the former,
> what do you do?
> when my client download that parent theme and follows the instructions that
> he creates a child theme off of that, how do I make sure so that when one
> or more of the above moving parts updated, I can tell my client to update
> the parent theme in a future proof way? Is that even possible?
> One easy solution to this would be to tell the guys at twitter to work with
> the guys at Automattic. That would have solved the problem, but I don't
> think that's gonna happen. :(
> so what would be your take on this?
> thx.
> this question is also available at
> http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/108970/how-to-integrate-the-twitter-bootstrap-into-s-in-the-most-future-proof-way
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