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Haluk Karamete halukkaramete at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 20:21:08 UTC 2013

For establishing a solid foundation in the on-going business of creating
professional WordPress themes, what would be the best approach so that the
themes you produce are "powered by" _s and the twitter bootstrap?

It seems like there are some cross overs between the two; and that confuses

The fact that they both are from different developers and they tend to work
in their own isolated islands, I have a hard time integrating them in a
future proof way. Even though _s is a bare bone theme and the amount of
"undoing" to get you start is down to minimum, there is still work
involved, there is still some undo's to go thru. Responsiveness and the
layout system, class names etc..

So far I am seeing the matter this way;

I download and use the "_s" because working with "_s" would give me the
proper head-start in building my solid theme. By that, I will be able to
effortlessly start off with a theme which shines as far as all the WP best
practices out there and the PHP side of things. Let's simplify this point
and call that the reason I download "_s" is because I want to  take care of
the server side part of my theme.

and then I download the twitter bootstrap.
I do this because working with bootstrap would give me the "talk of the
town" the client side of things..  bootsrap catching the world on fire..
more and more people are adopting just like the android...  their
responsiveness and the easy to work with grid system (which makes more and
more people being familiar with ) is I THINK where _s will be "UN-DONE". So
to simplify, let's say, the reason I download "bootstrap" is because I want
to  take care of the client side part of my theme.

and then comes the 3rd moving part...  I have to add my own touch ( my
bells and my whistles ) to the above two. I do this because I want to make
my theme, well simply different, I want it to be noticeable in market
places and so on..

When you have 3 moving parts like this ( and they all have their own
respective areas of wall of fame ) and the latter overwrites the former,
what do you do?

when my client download that parent theme and follows the instructions that
he creates a child theme off of that, how do I make sure so that when one
or more of the above moving parts updated, I can tell my client to update
the parent theme in a future proof way? Is that even possible?

One easy solution to this would be to tell the guys at twitter to work with
the guys at Automattic. That would have solved the problem, but I don't
think that's gonna happen. :(

so what would be your take on this?


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