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Eric Mann eric at eam.me
Tue Apr 30 15:41:58 UTC 2013


If you want to send your proposal to this list, or just link to a blog post
describing what you have in mind, that's the best way to get feedback.

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 11:36 AM, Luca Evgheni <juk.eluca at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi y'all,
> I email you in relation with gsoc, If I missed the "door" - sorry, just
> ignore this email. So, on irc wordpress-gsoc there aren't any movements at
> all, some students try to ask smth but with no luck. I am interested in
> "post by email" project. I have a couple of ideas about the implementation
> and how it should work, for this I did a little research related to mailing
> and also now I am learning as much as have the possibility about WP and
> especially plugin development. I saw that Eric Mann is interested
> in mentoring this idea, should I try to email him directly?
> A little about me:
> I'm 21, when gsoc will start I'll finish the third year at university, I
> learn at IT specialty and about a half of courses are in English. I have an
> experience of php for almost a year and about 20 - 40 hours a week. So I
> use only php (of course with js, html, css) in my part time job. Also have
> a little experience with WP, I worked with it for about a month developing
> some custom functionality and a custom theme (both weren't meant to be
> reusable), unfortunately I can't share a link because the site is a part of
> a much bigger project and it won't be pubic in the nearest future.
> The question is how big are my chances with the above set to work on "post
> by email" or may be some other project?
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