[wp-hackers] GSoC 2013 : New user walkthrough

Pragun Bhutani pragun06 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 05:36:09 UTC 2013


I'm Pragun Bhutani, a final year Computer Science and Engineering student
from JIIT Noida. I like learning about UI/UX design and I'm really
interested in applying for GSoC through Wordpress this year.

I'd really like to work on building New User Walkthroughs to make it easier
for people to begin using Wordpress. I've been using WP myself for quite a
while and I've read through Mike Whitfield's 2010
the same. I think it'll be a good idea to implement contextual walkthroughs
in addition to Mike's plugin, in addition to giving it a UI overhaul.

These contextual walkthroughs can be enabled/disabled through the settings
tab and if enabled, they would show up on relevant pages, offering help on
how to begin with those topics. e.g. If someone opens the 'posts' tab,
they'll be met with a walkthrough which explains the process of writing and
publishing a post (something similar to how tutorial levels work in most

As for the design, I'm inclined to implement something like Android's
startup walkthrough which places a translucent layer on top of the main UI
to explain the basic functions and options.

I'd like to get some ideas and feedback on the same and hopefully I'll be
able to develop the idea further and chalk down a rough proposal.

Thanks for reading!

Pragun Bhutani

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