[wp-hackers] GSOC2013 Widget Collections

Alexander Höreth a.hoereth at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 06:59:24 UTC 2013

Hey Marko,
thanks for the feedback! ;)

Menus work quitesimilar: If you switch the theme they need to be
reassigned. But when reassigning widgets at the moment you need to do it
one by one. My approach of not redoing the whole widget functionality is
all about not adding exta complexity.
Users who do not care about this functionality will still assign widgets
like they normally do but now will have a bonus when they change their
theme and won't get frustrated reassigning them one by one.

I think there is a target group for this. It is in the top ten of the
WordPress.org ideas. The idea proposes a interface as the one used for
menus. I think a menu-like interface would add complexity which is why I
ditched it.

Sure I cannot win you for this?

2013/4/25 Marko Heijnen <mailing at markoheijnen.nl>

> Hey  Alex,
> I read the post and I don't get really what it solves. You still can lose
> the widgets but now it's an area. It only makes it a bit easier to move it
> back.
> My personal opinion is that I don't see a good use case in core and for a
> plugin it's doesn't really going to work. The users who need it will not
> install it.
> The reason why it's not a good use case is that it adds extra complexity
> that for the major users ins't needed.
> Marko
> Op 23 apr. 2013, om 17:48 heeft Alexander Höreth <a.hoereth at gmail.com>
> het volgende geschreven:
> > Hey everybody,
> > I just published a blog post with my Google Summer of Code proposal on my
> > blog: http://yrnxt.com/~121
> > I did not get any feedback on the list the first time I brought up the
> > idea. Hope to reach some more of you guys this time! I am planning to
> > officially apply on Google Melange in the next couple of days - just
> wanted
> > to maybe at least get some resonance.
> >
> > I do not yet have any idea on who would be a good mentor for this
> project -
> > if it even is a possible project because not listed in the codex. Someone
> > with deep knowledge about the Widget API would be awesome!
> >
> > Would be happy to see you in the comments below my proposal!
> > Regards, Alex
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