[wp-hackers] Enhancing the Editor side User Experience

nadeem shaik nadeemskv at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 09:30:57 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

My name is Nadeem , and for this years Gsoc I would like to work on
developing the User experience when it comes to the editor side.
For example ,

   -I would like to make all the content updating and Addition of articles
and other things Ajax based.
 This is very essential. This is not only advanced but also faster. The
TinyMCE editor used is javascript based and it is possible to do this using
JQuery. Bootstrap alerts can be used to notify users about success or
failure of publishing updating etc.

  -Additional feature like smileys, embedded media from youtube and others
sites etc.
 This is a very important feature as people always want to share videos
online from youtube rather than store it on their host.

  -Font options like font-family and font-size
  Fonts of the present WordPress editor is fixed(to Tahoma which is
actually my personal favorite).We can let users to have control over this.

   -There are some resizability issues with the editor. This doesn't create
a good impression on the users.
 This will be little bit of css and bootstrap scaffolding. This too can be
tackled with some effort.

 There are many other features that can be added to this editor. The
WordPress editor forms a very important part of the users experience as any
detail of the website data management has to be done using it. So we must
take care that this editor gives its best when it comes to the user
experience and performance.

  I am new to WordPress and I have started submitting some patches so that
I can start getting used to the coding style being followed here. But  I
am running a bit bit slow as my End-Semester exams are going on. If I have
made any mistakes about any information above, please do correct me. Your
suggestions are always welcome.

Shaik Nadeem
Head - Web Development Team, Spring Fest
Department of Computer Science And Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur
Email : nadeemskv at gmail.com

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