[wp-hackers] GSoC Proposal: JSON REST API

Mike Schinkel mike at newclarity.net
Fri Apr 12 23:11:43 UTC 2013

On Apr 12, 2013, at 5:06 PM, Marko Heijnen <mailing at markoheijnen.nl> wrote:
> Not sure what kind of point you want to make here but it doesn't sound good.

The point is that we have a proposal on the table which I'm raising concern over based on process.  I think a JSON API for WordPress has too many ramifications to be constrained to a single developer operating on a fixed 2 month timeframe.

That said, you and I need not continue to debate unless there are unstated perspectives to present. If you believe my input is an annoyance rather than a valuable perspective informed of experience then feel free to ignore it. I believe that would be a mistake but that's obvious just my opinion.

What follows is simply a response your insinuations that I would prefer to clear up. 

> Also I find the tone of voice quite demeaning. A student can be more then capable to build such kind of API. And I'm sure Ryan is one of them. Yes support from lead developers is needed and that is something that also need to happen. 

You find offense where none was intended.  I never once wrote "student" in any of my replies; I deliberately was very careful not to bring formal education status into the discussion.  

If I did somehow imply a student was not capable can you please show me where I did in case I am unaware? 

> Most GSoC projects have not made it into core, or even into common use, so I think this is a gross overstatement of likelihood.

From Ryan's initial proposal email:

> For this year's GSoC, I'd like to propose a JSON API for WordPress.

> ...

> To this extent, the project would also involve creating a proof-of-concept
> extension of the API for a specific plugin.

A follow up comment that Ryan gave to Filippo Pisano was:

> I've actually investigated the previous solutions somewhat, and they 

> have several problems:


>  1. They aren't designed for core integration, and are intended to

>     always live as plugins. This is a problem for something that should

>     be in core.

Taken together they strongly imply that Ryan's goal for the project is to create a JSON API for *core*.  Further, considering that /wp-json.php in the root is not a proper approach for a plugin further implies this proposal was intended for core.

If the goal of this GSOC project were to just create a JSON API in a plugin then I would have no objection to it but your comments seem to be inconsistent with Ryans and given he named you as mentor I assumed you to had discussed the intention. No?

> Obviously the history of GSoC isn't good but we really should take the effort that more projects made them to core, the mobile apps or other projects.

Yet here you are saying you want more GSOC projects in core. Isn't this contradictory?

Bottom line from me; a 2 month scope with a single developer and only a few mentors is the wrong process for a JSON API. It's too short a timeframe with too few people involved for something with the potential affect on WordPress that a proper JSON API could and should have.  


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