[wp-hackers] GSoC Proposal: JSON REST API

Marko Heijnen mailing at markoheijnen.nl
Fri Apr 12 21:06:09 UTC 2013

Not sure what kind of point you want to make here but it doesn't sound good. Obviously the history of GSoC isn't good but we really should take the effort that more projects made them to core, the mobile apps or other projects. Also I find the tone of voice quite demeaning. A student can be more then capable to build such kind of API. And I'm sure Ryan is one of them. Yes support from lead developers is needed and that is something that also need to happen.


Op 12 apr. 2013, om 19:52 heeft Jenifer Mylo <jenmylo at automattic.com> het volgende geschreven:

> Op 12 apr. 2013, om 18:47 heeft Mike Schinkel <mike at newclarity.net> het volgende geschreven:
>>> A GSOC JSON API will be treated as the defacto-standard JSON API implementation planned for WordPress core and thus more than a few people will use it.
> Most GSoC projects have not made it into core, or even into common use, so I think this is a gross overstatement of likelihood. No API created by a student would go anywhere near core without dedicated attention from lead developers as mentors.

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