[wp-hackers] Question Regarding Taxonomy Terms per User

Kai Jacobsen kai at ungestaltbar.de
Tue Apr 2 20:50:43 UTC 2013

Some way to do this is to suffix / prefix the custom taxonomy with some 
user specif data upon registration

global $current_user;
register_taxonomy( "genre_{$current_user->ID}", array( 'page' ), $args );

this approach has some implications of course and you shouldn't use it 
if none of them come to your mind :)

> A quick question:
> One of my weekend projects is creating a Instapaper/Reader type app using
> WordPress.  It all works great for storing bookmarks but I am running into
> a bit of an issue if I want to scale this beyond a single user.  I
> currently have a Post Type of 'bookmark' and a custom tax for users to
> categorize these bookmarks as they see fit.  The issue is mainly that terms
> are defined on a global level and there is no way to have a term have an
> 'author' or to only be specified by user.  I could use a term meta plugin
> but that becomes an issue when trying to use the loop (WP_Query).  Does
> anyone have a good data architecture for something like this?
> In short....each user would have there own taxonomy terms for their
> specific bookmarks and only those would show up on a page.  I would need to
> get these terms without having to go through each term.

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