[wp-hackers] Your development application workflow

Rilwis rilwis at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 15:04:40 UTC 2012

> I am setup for Windows dev work. So I use XAMPP's Apache and MySQL
> (defaulted to myisam) running locally out of a DropBox folder.  I shut
> down the servers any time I might be switching from desktop to laptop to
> prevent collisions.  It's a bit of awesome just be able to just turn on
> the laptop and have your host file, httpd.conf&vhosts.conf and mysql
> databases just work for your local dev environment.  The mklink windows
> command and DropBox allows for wonderful things like portable hosts
> files (and Terraria characters).

I do the same thing, but instead of using mklink to create links to various
folders/files, I throw everything to my Dropbox folder! XAMPP is about 60
MB + WP source + Database is about 200 MB, that's not a problem with
Dropbox. And while using this trick, I can develop WP everywhere.


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