[wp-hackers] I believe this can be solved - please take a look

Dion Hulse (dd32) wordpress at dd32.id.au
Mon Sep 3 05:37:13 UTC 2012

Without offering up an example of the code you're using, it's almost
impossible for others to suggest a solution.

That being said, the problem will definately be down to file paths (If
you're using pretty permalinks)

For example, on the index page 'video.flv' will refer to '
http://example.com/video.flv' whilst, on a post page, it might refer to '
http://example.com/post-name/video.flv' <-- obviously the wrong path.

On 3 September 2012 15:33, <info at conversionassistant.com> wrote:

> I am experiencing a problem/issue that I believe should be fixable, and
> all of my research has led me to reach out to this list. Please forgive me
> if I am in error.
> Setup - WP 3.4.1 with no plugins installed running 2011 theme
> Process - embedding Dreamweaver CS4 FLV code via embedit plugin onto
> multiple pages/posts on blog.
> Problem - FLV plays fine on main page (index). No videos will play on any
> other pages.
> Attempts to fix -
> Built individual directories including all necessary files, changed paths
> to point and nothing would play on secondary pages (anything other than
> index)
> Put all files in root and adjusted paths.
> Used non plugin embed (straight copy and paste inside editor)method -
> worked again, on page 1 but no other
> Interesting developments -
> Am able to play videos on static HTML pages.
> Videos will not play on alternate pages even with identical code.
> FLV is not the vendor of anything I am using. This is all dreamweaver
> code, automatically generated.
> -----
> If this sounds like something you have come across, can identify, or
> otherwise can assist me with, please reply to this message and I will
> supply links to the pages. I have excluded them here ONLY because the size
> of this list makes for prohibitive bandwidth usage. I don't imagine
> everyone on this list will be interested in this issue.
> Again, thank you for your time reading, and I hope one of you can assist
> with this problem. And if again, I have erred in sending this I apologize.
> Akiba Howard
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