[wp-hackers] I believe this can be solved - please take a look

info at conversionassistant.com info at conversionassistant.com
Mon Sep 3 05:33:41 UTC 2012

I am experiencing a problem/issue that I believe should be fixable, and
all of my research has led me to reach out to this list. Please forgive me
if I am in error.

Setup - WP 3.4.1 with no plugins installed running 2011 theme

Process - embedding Dreamweaver CS4 FLV code via embedit plugin onto
multiple pages/posts on blog.

Problem - FLV plays fine on main page (index). No videos will play on any
other pages.

Attempts to fix -

Built individual directories including all necessary files, changed paths
to point and nothing would play on secondary pages (anything other than

Put all files in root and adjusted paths.

Used non plugin embed (straight copy and paste inside editor)method -
worked again, on page 1 but no other

Interesting developments -

Am able to play videos on static HTML pages.
Videos will not play on alternate pages even with identical code.
FLV is not the vendor of anything I am using. This is all dreamweaver
code, automatically generated.


If this sounds like something you have come across, can identify, or
otherwise can assist me with, please reply to this message and I will
supply links to the pages. I have excluded them here ONLY because the size
of this list makes for prohibitive bandwidth usage. I don't imagine
everyone on this list will be interested in this issue.

Again, thank you for your time reading, and I hope one of you can assist
with this problem. And if again, I have erred in sending this I apologize.

Akiba Howard

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