[wp-hackers] child themes of child themes (grandchildren)

Mika A Epstein ipstenu at ipstenu.org
Fri Nov 9 19:50:39 UTC 2012

StudioPress doesn't (generally) update child themes, so it's safe to 
edit them (though I have a minimum hack called minimika so I can 
experiment and safely roll back). I poked them about that since it 
spooked me at first!

Crystal is a child managed theme.

>  So your classification sounds like:
>  1.) Good: A great blog post from you,

It's actually been sitting in draft since I redesigned my sites last 
year ;) Need to finish it. That's where I C/P'd the email from.

>  2.) Better: An article on Codex that gets consensus from the core docs 

I'd actually skip this in favor of doing #3 first and then coming back 
to write it in the codex whatever comes next :)

>  3.) Best: A discussion on Make with interested parties to nail down 
these so these terms and
>  their distinctions and with adoption by theme vendors so people can 
use these well-known
>  terms and theme vendors can advertise their themes as being of a 
certain type in order to
>  educate their would-be customers.

Definitely would be nice to have something 'accepted' if not official.

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