[wp-hackers] Thoughts on Softpedia and PHPKode Directories?

Jackson Whelan jw at jacksonwhelan.com
Mon May 14 15:35:09 UTC 2012

Thanks for the replies.

I will give them this - my request for removal was handled promptly by 
both sites.

It's just much simpler for me to monitor one location for support 
requests and bug reports. From what I could see they included no links 
to the appropriate support forum, leaving users to post comments on 
their listing pages looking for help.

Also, I have complete confidence that the download from WP.org will be 
exactly the code I've provided. However, I have no assurances that their 
download package hasn't been modified in anyway.

Thanks - Jackson

On 5/14/12 9:35 AM, Otto wrote:
> I received the same notices. Several places mirror our files in this
> manner. We don't really have the power to stop them, given that the
> files are GPL they're allowed to copy and redistribute and so forth. I
> think it's relatively benign. Somebody installing these will do update
> checks through .org as per normal, and get notified of the newer
> versions like everybody else.
> -Otto
> On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 7:55 AM, Jackson Whelan<jw at jacksonwhelan.com>  wrote:
>> Recently after releasing a new plugin, I received messages from
>> webscripts.softpedia.com and phpkode.com, congratulating me on having my
>> plugin included in their directory.
>> I went to check it out, and while it seems benign, I am leery of them
>> hosting my plugin archive - which seems to remove some of the control I have
>> over distribution and making sure that the most current version is what is
>> downloaded. It's unclear how and when changes I make to the official
>> WordPress.org repository get applied to their hosted version.
>> I imagine they are scraping the new plugin releases from WordPress.org and
>> using them to create more content on their site.
>> Personally, I'd prefer to channel everything through one distribution
>> channel, and have asked to have the plugin removed.
>> Does anyone have any experience with this? Curious to hear what others have
>> done or think of this.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Jackson
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