[wp-hackers] Managing Multiple WP Sites

Ryann Micua ryannmicua at gmail.com
Fri May 4 01:48:13 UTC 2012


#1. I'd like to know if it's possible to manage 3 sites - with different 
.com domains, hosted on the same server - under 1 WP dashboard.

As in site1.com, site2.com. site3.com

AND NOT sub1.site.com, sub2.site.com, sub3.site.com or site.com/sub1, 
site.com/sub2, site.com/site3

#2. And if it's possible, how do I go about doing it? A link to a 
reliable article about this is fine. I've been googling around and seem 
to have a hard time finding one that "reliably" works as some would 
point out that the "steps" doesn't work on their install or some 
articles don't make it clear whether the end result domains would end up 
as site1.com, site2.com and site3.com, etc. Most of the articles I found 
used WP MU in some way.

Here are a couple of plugins I'm considering:

#3. And if it's possible, will the solution still work if in the future 
the client wants to add a subdomain on one of the sites so that we now have

Server is VPS, all domains hosted on the same server. Solution doesn't 
have to use WP MU. All that matters is to manage all 3 (and future) 
domains on one WP admin area.

Thank you so much for your help!

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