[wp-hackers] SSL Domain Mapping with WP Multisite

SWORD Studios info at swordstudios.net
Mon Jun 4 13:40:42 UTC 2012

I'm looking to host a couple hundred sites on a WordPress Multisite
Network.  Each site will have it's own mapped domain.  I've done all this
many many times.

My new issue is that about a dozen of these sites need SSL to be compliant
(with their industry manufacturers).  I'm having some real issues
accomplishing https://domain.com as a mapped domain to these sites.
 Everything I've read (some links below) makes it seem possible as long as
you are using SNI or a WildCard SSL to support multiple ssl's on the same

I'm looking for a real solution to this problem.  I've spent hours reading
many forum posts, articles, tutorials and everything seems to be
theoretical.  I have yet to see anyone actual say "Yes I've done this and
this is how I did it."   Has anyone actually accomplished this task?    If
not can anyone provide me with instructions on how to move forward.

Thank you in advance for any help.





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