[wp-hackers] Caching as part of the core

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Wed Jul 25 04:06:01 UTC 2012

On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 6:11 PM, Bryan Petty <bpetty at bluehost.com> wrote:
> Ok... so now you'll admit that the Transients API has high overhead, is
> difficult to use, and is in-appropriate for page or fragment caching.
> You also admit that the dropins are "hacky as heck".
> However, you'll still tell me that's what I should use when I so much as
> suggest that WP_Object_Cache could be expanded (in a 100% backwards
> compatible way) to support persistent cache backends in core like it
> used to, but done the right way this time.

No, I tell you that it's appropriate to implement persistent cache
backends *for your specific needs*. It shouldn't be in core. It should
be done on a per-host, per-server, per-setup basis.

There's no universal answers here. Core can't implement persistent
caching in a universal way that doesn't have downsides.

> How about this...
> What if the Transients API was converted over to a WP_Object_Cache
> backend, and used as the default fallback instead of the file backend if
> none of the accelerators are available (APC/XCache/WinCache)?

Implementing the object, or the transients, cache as a file backend is
a *proven* loser. It sucks. Royally. On the majority of hosts. Search
for the arguments over 5 years ago to find proof.

If you want to write it for your particular set of hosting
capabilities, then by all means do so. As a plugin. Convince more
people that your solution fits the 80/20 rule. Then, you have a shot
at core. Fit the majority case.

I'm not saying I'm right, or that I have any form of control over it,
because I don't. I'm just saying that you need to *prove* that you are
right. See, I don't control what goes into core, not by a long shot.
I'm just one of the few who knows how it works and who is more than
happy to tell you what you need to do. PROVE IT. Then you have a shot.
Right now, a whole lot of people whom I've talked to about it on
multiple occasions thinks that the evidence is against you. Prove me
wrong. Show me that you're right. Stats. Numbers. Code. This sort of
yap-yap goes nowhere, it's just me arguing with you. But if you show
improvement, if you can show, empirically, that you have the right
answer, then everybody will back you.

This is open source. You don't get anywhere without code that actually
gets the job done, man.


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