[wp-hackers] GitHub + plugins.svn.wordpress.org

Stas Sușcov stas at nerd.ro
Mon Jul 2 18:00:41 UTC 2012

În data de Mon, 02 Jul 2012 20:34:46 +0300, Steve Taylor  
<steve at sltaylor.co.uk> a scris:

> I tried that method but got this error:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Migrating from a git-svn v1 layout...
> Data from a previous version of git-svn exists, but
>         .git/svn
>         (required for this version (1.7.8.msysgit.0) of git-svn) does  
> not exist.
> Done migrating from a git-svn v1 layout
> Error validating server certificate for  
> 'https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org:443':
>  - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the
>    fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!
> Certificate information:
>  - Hostname: *.svn.wordpress.org
>  - Valid: from Jun 21 16:07:30 2012 GMT until Jul 15 19:04:26 2015 GMT
>  - Issuer: 07969287, http://certificates.godaddy.com/repository,  
> GoDaddy.com, In
> c., Scottsdale, Arizona, US
>  - Fingerprint:  
> bf:08:a3:de:ab:e4:76:fd:d0:5d:10:d1:c8:de:19:12:5f:bf:71:25
> (R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently? t
> RA layer request failed: PROPFIND request failed on '/': PROPFIND of  
> '/': Could
> not read status line: connection was closed by server.  
> (https://plugins.svn.word
> press.org) at C:\Program Files (x86)\Git/libexec/git-core\git-svn line  
> 2139
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> In any case, before I persist, can you say that this method definitely
> circumvents issues that arise when you have existing GitHub and
> wordpress.org SVN repos, each with separate revision histories? That
> was the only sticking point with Boone Gorges' method - things fell
> apart when rebasing.

Could you post your .git/config to a pastebin or something?

Answering your question, the issues you are having about rebasing, are not  
git-svn fault (usually, exception happens when people are overwriting svn  

Usually people are trying to write on svn branch and git's branch history  
and they believe merging back will work as it happens with a git vs git  
branch merge.
Well, the short answer is NO, don't expect merging two way histories will  
ensure your repository integrity.

The best workflow I can suggest is like below:
* Use git for most of the development (check git workflow for that:  
branches, merges, etc...)
* Use svn branch as a push only channel. Merge git branches onto it and  
then, just `git-svn dcommit` those. Checkout master back after.
* Make sure your svn branch is a clean mirror of master. Don't amend,  
reset or commit directly on it!

Hope this helps.

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