[wp-hackers] "Gardening" workstream?

Lee Willis junk at talpa.plus.com
Sat Jan 28 19:39:28 UTC 2012

Just been reading the Gardening updates (Great to see the updates from the
teams by the way!), and was hoping to try and get some issues on the list
for  inclusion in 3.4.

New API (get_the_post_thumbnail_src) - seems lots of people want to do it
given traffic to my blog post about it  - despite there being existing
"easy" (But evidently not well known about) alternatives.

New API (unregister_taxonomy_from_object_type)

Bug fix - get_post_custom returns no data when cache addition suspended.
This is exposed by the introduction of wp_suspend_cache_addition in 3.3 as
with #19690 which Ryan's already kindly committed the fix for.

Happy to help provide any more info if required, but all three have
patches and I'm happy to work on any issues anyone has with them to get
these in.

I'd be grateful for any feedback.


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