[wp-hackers] Idea- Rethinking Wordpress theme editor

drecodeam drecodeam at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 18:07:20 UTC 2012

On Sunday 26 February 2012 at 6:04 PM, Simon Dunton wrote:

> Drecode, I commented on your blog but for some reason the comment never got
> listed. Maybe because it had a link to a github repo.

sorry, somehow akismet had flagged it as spam, maybe coz of the github link, i have approved it now 
> I think there is room for a plugin that does something like this and it's a
> project I'm working on (slowly).
> I have only been toying with the live editing idea this morning but I think
> I've come up with a plan. Why create a new firebug when you could just
> monitor what the current firebug is doing and send that to the server.
> Heck, use Chrome monitor if that's your flava. I think the key is, monitor
> css changes on your webpage (client side javascript) and push that to the
> server. For authenticated users obviously.

Actually i plan to do some changes in the editing process also which would provide a better flow in the editing process itself, is why i need to do it again. Also, since i want to integrate all the functionalities in Wordpress so as to expose them to other developers needing functions to change the appearance of the website, i wanted to write the code with that objective in mind. 
With this idea, i think it makes more sense to re-write the code for editing process, not to say it would make it independent of these tools ( which has its own small advantages). 
> I'm looking at adding this to the editor I'm working on. So changes to a
> css file in the editor automatically get pushed to the live webpage (in
> another tab/window). Likewise changes to the live webpage done using
> firebug/inspector get pushed to the editor live. This is all done
> clientside by the way. Then you would save the file from within the IDE
> when you're ready.
> That's the plan/dream.
> V1 of WPide is in the WP repo.
> v2dev branch can be found on github
> https://github.com/WPsites/WPide/tree/v2dev
> It isn't finished but it does work. No live editing has been added to
> either of those repo's yet though.
> Feel free to get involved.

I ll definitely go through your code, and would love to contribute to it. 

> Simon
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