[wp-hackers] Idea- Rethinking Wordpress theme editor

Simon Dunton simon at wpsites.co.uk
Sun Feb 26 12:34:14 UTC 2012

Drecode, I commented on your blog but for some reason the comment never got
listed. Maybe because it had a link to a github repo.

I think there is room for a plugin that does something like this and it's a
project I'm working on (slowly).

I have only been toying with the live editing idea this morning but I think
I've come up with a plan. Why create a new firebug when you could just
monitor what the current firebug is doing and send that to the server.
Heck, use Chrome monitor if that's your flava. I think the key is, monitor
css changes on your webpage (client side javascript)  and push that to the
server. For authenticated users obviously.

I'm looking at adding this to the editor I'm working on. So changes to a
css file in the editor automatically get pushed to the live webpage (in
another tab/window). Likewise changes to the live webpage done using
firebug/inspector get pushed to the editor live. This is all done
clientside by the way. Then you would save the file from within the IDE
when you're ready.

That's the plan/dream.

V1 of WPide is in the WP repo.

v2dev branch can be found on github

It isn't finished but it does work. No live editing has been added to
either of those repo's yet though.

Feel free to get involved.


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