[wp-hackers] Learning WordPress and Getting Support

Aero Maxx aero.maxx.d at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 23:12:07 UTC 2012

I have tried this and whereas I have managed to find bits here and there 
how to do things, I have generally struggled and struggled to find what 
I have been after as sometimes the information is there but its 
difficult to find when you dont know what to search for, or when you 
have found something generally hit a stumbling block trying to implement 
which is where I am now, I have posted on both wordpress stackexchange 
and stackoverflow.


On 15/12/2012 18:43, Chris Williams wrote:
> The way I learned wp as a programmer (probably 5 years ago) was by
> watching it work.  I loaded it up in a debugger (I use Komodo, but there
> are a million choices), and just walked through the code.  Not line by
> line, but more function by function, skipping over things at the start,
> then delving into functions when I wanted to know more.  Saw how the
> functions are loaded, how the query is parsed, how the loop is executed,
> how the database is accessed, how output is generated, etc., and not just
> theoretically, but in code as it went by.
> It's a pretty hard-core way of doing it, but for me to this day, nothing
> is better than setting a breakpoint at something I don't understand, and
> walking through it.
> As for getting support, I gave up on the WP support forum years ago.  You
> get three results: 1) no response whatsoever, 2) some idiot who doesn¹t
> read your question but simply points you to the codex, or 3) a wrong
> (usually stale) answer.  Google is best.  There are thousands of people
> who figure something out and then blog about it, or you get results in
> places like StackOverflow or other forums that will point you in the right
> direction.  Then I head back into the code (see above) with the bread
> crumbs I got from Google as a guide.
> HTH,
> Chris
> On 12/14/12 2:01 PM, "Aero Maxx" <aero.maxx.d at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> Whats the best way to learn the wordpress way of doing things and
>> getting support when get stuck, as getting limited to no help via this
>> mailing list is there something else or another way I should be going
>> about this, how did you all get to where you are today and learn the ins
>> and outs of wordpress and how to do things within it and its functions.
>> I've tried stack exchange generally get no answers there either, and
>> have also tried the wordpress support forums, sadly the same there too,
>> generally get no meaningful answers.
>> Thanks
>> Daniel.
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