[wp-hackers] Learning WordPress and Getting Support

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Sat Dec 15 18:43:01 UTC 2012

The way I learned wp as a programmer (probably 5 years ago) was by
watching it work.  I loaded it up in a debugger (I use Komodo, but there
are a million choices), and just walked through the code.  Not line by
line, but more function by function, skipping over things at the start,
then delving into functions when I wanted to know more.  Saw how the
functions are loaded, how the query is parsed, how the loop is executed,
how the database is accessed, how output is generated, etc., and not just
theoretically, but in code as it went by.

It's a pretty hard-core way of doing it, but for me to this day, nothing
is better than setting a breakpoint at something I don't understand, and
walking through it.

As for getting support, I gave up on the WP support forum years ago.  You
get three results: 1) no response whatsoever, 2) some idiot who doesn¹t
read your question but simply points you to the codex, or 3) a wrong
(usually stale) answer.  Google is best.  There are thousands of people
who figure something out and then blog about it, or you get results in
places like StackOverflow or other forums that will point you in the right
direction.  Then I head back into the code (see above) with the bread
crumbs I got from Google as a guide.


On 12/14/12 2:01 PM, "Aero Maxx" <aero.maxx.d at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>Whats the best way to learn the wordpress way of doing things and
>getting support when get stuck, as getting limited to no help via this
>mailing list is there something else or another way I should be going
>about this, how did you all get to where you are today and learn the ins
>and outs of wordpress and how to do things within it and its functions.
>I've tried stack exchange generally get no answers there either, and
>have also tried the wordpress support forums, sadly the same there too,
>generally get no meaningful answers.
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