[wp-hackers] Clickable links filter on FTP hostnames

David Anderson david at wordshell.net
Sat Dec 15 06:57:41 UTC 2012

On 15/12/12 01:51, Chris McCoy wrote:
> You could remove the filter, then add your own custom without the ftp
> parsing.
Thanks. That's my short-term work-round, but I thought it counted as 
bug, as I can think of no reason why WordPress would want to auto-detect 
ftp. hostnames and turn them *all* into http:// links. (If anything, it 
would want to turn them into ftp:// links as the default case if it must 
link-ify them).
> Ive never seen people link to ftp via blogs ftp://etc
It is a web-hosting website (www.simbahosting.co.uk). We want to advise 
people of the FTP server to use. Having WordPress turn our advice of an 
FTP host name into an erroneous HTTP link is definitely unhelpful! (In 
this case it was via an email that was being HTML-ified via the "WP 
Better Emails" plugin).


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