[wp-hackers] BackupBuddy Migration to Bluehost=no thumbnails & image size=0x0

Chason Chaffin chason at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 20:01:37 UTC 2012

If the domain name or path info changed, its possible that a plugin
serialized the image path and is counting the number of characters. You'll
see something like a:37{c:http://domain.com/asfd/blah.jpg} (that's just a
guess, don't have a moment to look up what it actually looks like.

Also, awesome name man. ;)

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 11:57 AM, Jason Chafin <jasonchafin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Wordpress Hackers,
> I'm having an issue with a site migration and I can't seem to figure out
> the deal. I hope this is a correct forum for such a problem. I have a
> client who wants to a) transfer her site to Bluehost and b) register a new
> domain as her primary domain. As Bluehost allows domain registration, I
> registered a new hosting account and domain at the same time and set the
> new domain as the primary domain for this account. The plan is to get the
> site moved, then redirect the old URL to the new one once its all set up.
> This allows me to keep the old one going for as long as it takes to get the
> new one dialed. The old site has BackupBuddy, so I followed the steps for
> migrating a site. I love BackupBuddy and this process has normally worked
> perfectly when I've done it before. However, this time I can't seem to get
> the thumbnails to register and all the images in my media library show
> sizes of "0x0". If I go in and edit an image, the link properly directs to
> the new uploads directory properly and if I copy/paste the link into a new
> browser page it shows properly. I have tried regenerating all the
> thumbnails; however, the plugin "doesn't find" any of the images it is to
> regenerate the thumbnails for.
> I have tried exporting the site several times in various manners and always
> seem to get the same result: Media Library shows no thumbnails and image
> sizes are 0x0.
> Has anybody ever encountered this, or can anyone point me in the direction
> of a solution? I'm flummoxed.
> Jason
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