[wp-hackers] BackupBuddy Migration to Bluehost=no thumbnails & image size=0x0

Jason Chafin jasonchafin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 19:57:38 UTC 2012

Hello Wordpress Hackers,

I'm having an issue with a site migration and I can't seem to figure out
the deal. I hope this is a correct forum for such a problem. I have a
client who wants to a) transfer her site to Bluehost and b) register a new
domain as her primary domain. As Bluehost allows domain registration, I
registered a new hosting account and domain at the same time and set the
new domain as the primary domain for this account. The plan is to get the
site moved, then redirect the old URL to the new one once its all set up.
This allows me to keep the old one going for as long as it takes to get the
new one dialed. The old site has BackupBuddy, so I followed the steps for
migrating a site. I love BackupBuddy and this process has normally worked
perfectly when I've done it before. However, this time I can't seem to get
the thumbnails to register and all the images in my media library show
sizes of "0x0". If I go in and edit an image, the link properly directs to
the new uploads directory properly and if I copy/paste the link into a new
browser page it shows properly. I have tried regenerating all the
thumbnails; however, the plugin "doesn't find" any of the images it is to
regenerate the thumbnails for.

I have tried exporting the site several times in various manners and always
seem to get the same result: Media Library shows no thumbnails and image
sizes are 0x0.

Has anybody ever encountered this, or can anyone point me in the direction
of a solution? I'm flummoxed.


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