[wp-hackers] CPT and Taxonomy (on Otto's advice)

Diana K. C dianakac at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 23:19:07 UTC 2012

Otto' advice was in time and very helpful then I felt like asking about 
using CPT and custom taxonomy in this case :)

Conferences (the CPT)
Years (the taxonomy)

Posts will be titled the same every year (a bad thing!?):

- Overview
- Photo Gallery
- Agenda etc

Still not sure if this is right, I found that using years as taxonomy seems 
meaningful to the subject, but so many doubts  haunts me...

Thanks for any suggestion!

> I think the real question is why would a "team" be a post type? A team
> is essentially a group of players, wouldn't it make more sense as a
> taxonomy?
> If you need to define a post type for the team in order to have stuff
> about that team in the posts-table (totally understandable), then I'd
> associate the team-post to the team-taxonomy in an implicit manner,
> perhaps by sharing the postname and the term-slug. Essentially, the
> players and the team would both have the same terms in the
> team-taxonomy.
> -Otto
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