[wp-hackers] getting a pageview from the wp_links links

Haluk Karamete halukkaramete at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 18:51:01 UTC 2012

I got 55K links to various news sources ( I should say to various external
articles ) accumulated over the years in the home grown CMS that I'm
working with.

I can bring them into WP as links, giving each a link_ID and so on.
But when a user clicks on one of those links, that click won't give any
benefit to the site owner - I'm talking about in terms of a page
impression, nit in terms of SEO or anything else.  The fact is that the
user immediately leaves his site.

It would have been better if the destination article was featured in a
summary paragraph or so locally and the [more] link at the end of the
summary would direct the user to the final ( external ) destination. This
approach gets the site owner a bunch of banner expressions, more page views

Of course, one could achieve this goal by importing the links into wp_posts
and handle them as posts... But that means, I bloat the wp_posts with 55K
records at a heart beat. Considering those 55K links are really not that
important in the grand scheme compared to the 15K posts that the site owner
has created, I'm wondering how efficient or smart this approach be. His
more important stuff takes only 15000 records. But with the links he got,
now he has 70000 records. That's a terrible execution of a 80/20 rule.

Wouldn't it have been nice to keep those 55K links STILL in the wp_links
table, treat them as such but have a field in the wp_links table called
link_excerpt_summary (or something like that )and a slug for the link to
have its own local URL so that clicking on such a link will first bring the
user to the local url?

This way, we won't be bloating the wp_posts table, links are still
treated/classified as links,  but yet the site owner can get a page view
out them.

I know that such ideas won't make it to the core. What I wondering though,
how would you go about this implementation with the current wordpress

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