[wp-hackers] Problem with ajax filter and pagination

Leo Baiano ljunior2005 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 17:58:36 UTC 2012

Personally, I'm thinking in logic to resolve an issue here and would like
your help.

I have a post called type wines in our archive-vinho.php I have a menu
where the visitor can select custom fields and taxonomies of the post type
wine and then click filter to filter the wine you want listed.

I have a page in WordPress called filter-vinho.php page when the user makes
a filter I call this page via ajax, and load into a DIV-vinho.php archive
page. The problem is paging ...

When the user makes a filter page with the results of this filter is loaded
via ajax paging up and comes correct, but when you click one of the pages
he loses the back of the filter parameters to take into account all the
wines, not just the result filter.

I think my logic have created another page to display the resulatdo filter
is wrong, but I could not think of another way to load this content via
ajax without creating a new page, can you help me?


Leo Baiano

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