[wp-hackers] Custom HTML Tags in Comment Form

Robert Lusby nanogwp at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 14:44:30 UTC 2011

Also - "unsetting" on 'init' doesn't solve the issue.

It removes it from the 'allowed_tags()' function which outputs the HTML 
list in the template, however still allows the user to post a comment 
containing those tags.


On 20/10/2011 15:20, Robert Lusby wrote:
> How do you define custom HTML tags for users use in a comment form?
> If you define CUSTOM_TAGS as true, then WordPress does't declare the 
> following globals:
> $allowedposttags
> $allowedtags
> $allowedentitynames
> I'm only interested in comment tags ($allowedtags).
> Do I *really* have to 'redeclare' all of the three above globals?
> What if core updates $allowedposttags in the future ....
> How do you solve this?
> Also - all documentation on define CUSTOM_TAGS in the codex is 
> incorect. You can't define it on INIT, as by that point it's already 
> defined within kses.php. Looks like a bug perhaps.
> Rob

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