[wp-hackers] 2 domains, 2 sites, 1 WP install

Lee Rickler info at a5d.org
Mon Oct 17 09:25:52 UTC 2011

In the end you all convinced me the MS route was for the best after all.

Thanks for the responses.

On 17 Oct 2011, at 03:20, Brian Layman wrote:

> On 10/16/2011 4:17 PM, Lee Rickler wrote:
> > I'm looking to not have to go Multisite but, if it's the only, 'proper' way of doing this, then it might just have to be!
> What you are describing is actually the acid test for converting two separate sites over to multi-site.  If you need to have a shared user-base between multiple sites, then you should be using multi-site. I quite often tell people to stick with standard WordPress when they tell me "No, the sites don't share authors/admins."
> Yeah, you can do stuff to run multiple sites from the same wp install without doing the whole multi-site activation, but you're just going to be doing it wrong and fewer and fewer people will be using hacks/work arounds like the one that was posted.   I would strongly recommend you guard your compatibility with future releases by activating MS instead of doing fancy footwork with the configuration files.
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