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You should get in touch with the BP-Media team.



On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 7:06 AM, Mark W. Kidd <mark at stardart.net> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I am interested in creating a pool of funds (bounty) to build a community
> video plugin or add new features to an existing plugin to achieve the same
> functionality. Sometime soon, I anticipate circulating a description of the
> project to some Wordpress developers to gauge the cost and complexity for
> the work.
> I would be very grateful for any ideas or feedback on my draft
> description, which I'm pasting below. I'm hoping in particular whether
> there are key aspects of creating a plugin I've overlooked, or unanswered
> questions that come to mind when you see this.
> Also, maybe the most important feedback would be: do you as a developer
> see any value in this kind of plugin for your own clients or projects?
> Best,
> Mark
> *
> What*
> This project will put video blogging and video podcasting in easy reach of
> community artists and organizations with limited access to technical
> expertise or funding. This will take the form of a open-source Wordpress
> plugin and companion website to explain its features and provide examples
> of the plugin in use.
> The community video plugin will enable organizations to build free or
> low-cost websites with Wordpress where posting video is as simple and
> accessible as uploading and embedding photos has become via WYSIWYG
> editors. In order to make sites using the plugin scale with surges in
> traffic or without financial resources for media hosting, the plugin will
> make use of the YouTube API to store user-submitted videos on YouTube.
> *Community Video Wordpress Plugin*
> *Key Features*
>  * Enable the front-end creation of new posts featuring an embedded
>   video by registered or unregistered users.
>  * The user is presented with a button (or other interface element) for
>   uploading their video directly from the submission form where it
>   will be hosted to YouTube. The plugin passes the post's title,
>   excerpt, tags, and body from the Wordpress form to YouTube so that
>   this content is also present on the YouTube page for the video.
>  * Users do not need a YouTube account - the site owner designates a
>   YouTube channel on the back-end and all videos are uploaded there.
>  * Allow the site owner to specify which license(s) is/are available
>   for users to submit their videos
>  * Optionally allow a safety/archival copy of the video file to be kept
>   on the local web server
>  * Must be installable and maintainable by a broad base of users. The
>   documentation should be written for a similar technical proficiency
>   to consumer electronics. Framing question: Could the
>   technical-minded niece or nephew of the family install this plugin?
>  * Open-source licensed
>  * Distributed alongside a simple WordPress theme and recommended
>   configuration which demonstrate the plugin features
> *Why*
> Web media offers the promise that people and communities who are the
> subjects or consumers of media can be involved in its development from
> inception through publication; fulfilling that promise requires
> collaboration between media organizations, technologists, artists, and
> members of these communities to ensure that the web offers equitable
> platforms for community speech and creativity.  As a baseline for such
> platforms and tools to be equitable, they must be accessible to those most
> affected by pressing issues, whether local or international, regardless of
> technical expertise or financial resources.
> The story-gathering processes long employed in community media are often
> an expression of the same cultural values that open source and Creative
> Commons (or "copyleft") practitioners are advancing today on the web.
> Technologists have created a vocabulary and the intellectual property
> framework to support equitable and innovative creation, collaboration, and
> movement-building as they are practiced online. This project seeks to
> bridge these two ways of knowing about media to produce a democratic tool
> for the web.
> *How*
> _Inspirations_
>    Integrated YouTube submission form at http://www.kitescampaigns.org/**
> submissions/add/ <http://www.kitescampaigns.org/submissions/add/>(ExpressionEngine/PHP source available upon request)
>    We Are the 99 Percent photo submission form: http://wearethe99percent.*
> *tumblr.com/submit/ <http://wearethe99percent.tumblr.com/submit/>
> _Extend an existing plugin?_
>    Quick Post Widget: http://wordpress.org/extend/**
> plugins/quick-post-widget/<http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/quick-post-widget/>
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