[wp-hackers] Difference between 'aside' and 'status' post format?

Andrés Sanhueza peroyomaslists at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 20:56:58 UTC 2011

I have seen this being asked very often. Generally the answer resorts to:

—Aside is a short post without title.
—Status is a *shorter* post without title, a la Facebook and Twitter.

The thing is that I don't see much difference between these two in
order to warrant to be differentiated in the core list. Basically
because I don't see a same site using *both* and most of the time the
only difference are between an "aside/status" and a "standard" blog
post. I believe that the reason it was included was because the P2
theme does support a "status" category (along with "blog post
(standard)", "quote" and "link"), yet is not different of the absent
"aside" as "blog posts (standard)" currently work as those and they
can or not have a title. The only stylistic difference is that status
tend to be attached with an avatar of the user post, but still fells
more like a "conceptual" thing like something that requires a
determinate format (short of like having different formats for "photo"
and "drawing"), I guess.
Anyway, I would like to know if there is an use case (WordPress or
not) where "aside", "status" and "standard" are used.

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