[wp-hackers] Two new, long-overdue plugins to make your wordpress life a little easier...

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Tue Nov 1 11:08:55 UTC 2011

On 11/1/11 1:46 AM, Dagan Henderson wrote:
> I'm still sorting that out with him off-list, Ryann. :-) I still say it's a lot of work outside of the WP workflow to expect inclusion in core, but that's just MHO.
It's mine as well. The basic Preview in core is as much as most users 
need. Multiple layers or staging is a specific niche requirement, so is 
plugin territory. That said, we really need to get off our butts and get 
Preview for widgets going so that regular users aren't publishing those 
on blind faith and setting up sidebars/widget areas has the same level 
of Preview as page/post content.

A couple of people have mentioned how this thread went on too long. I 
know my inbox if filled with more emails from this thread than all other 
lists, including Trac comments, combined, and it's been a distraction to 
a number of core contributors over the last couple of days. If all the 
developers caught up in this thread chose to take a breather and help 
clear out the bugs in 3.3 for an hour or two instead, that would be a 
huge help, if anyone's interested. :)

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